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In August 2006 we spent a wonderful week in Gibraltar, where we also took the opportunity of visiting (by ferry) both the Port and City of Tangier, Morocco (North Africa)

The Rock of Gibraltar

Gina relaxing in Casement Square, which is the main centre of life in Gibraltar



Only 10 minutes walk from our hotel, we strolled through the Botanical Gardens

Just past these lovely sites and aromas, we made our way to the cable car ride up the Rock




Here we then came across the famous Barbary Apes - they look cute, but beware their bite!


We then stopped for a truly breathtaking view from the top of the Rock, overlooking the Bay


Next we visited both St. Michael's Cave (with its' underground "natural" auditorium), then

a truly fascinating walk through the WWII tunnels built by the British Army in the early 1940s


On the way down, an old "Moorish" castle, now the jail, but with only 19 cells - it is never full!

We also took a trip by ferry to visit both the Port and City of Tangier, Morocco

Though it all looked very "European", there were many "North African" moments to savour

We went on a walking tour into the Kasbah, through an old gate built by the Portuguese

This is something definitely not to try at home - and about as close as I got !

Finally, onto a well deserved lunch break at a local restaurant, with cabaret included


We then finished off our holiday with a relaxing time by our hotel's roof-top pool

- though the water is fairly cold, it is most refreshing! (Gina) 

Thank you for sharing our photographic memories with us, we hope that you enjoyed them!


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