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Special Events

February - Jonathan's birthday ( 39 - yet again ! )


March 2003 saw the 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary of Gina and Jonathan

C'mon everybody listen to me rap, It's our wedding anniversary, so everyone clap. We've been grovin' it around for 25 cool years, through good times and bad, but never with any tears.

It's been a long road down from Edgware to Harrow, From a big house in Elstree, to one now a bit more narrow.

The size of our family has grown from two 2 four, though we mostly see our sons going through the front door.

So here's to me wife Gina, for putting up with me throughout, with lots of encouragement, and just a little shout.

Let's all put our hands together for allot of good cheers, and me look forward to us together for another 25 years


March 2008 saw the 30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary of Gina and Jonathan

C'mon everyone and dig my anniversary rap,
if you think it really cool then give me a small clap
We 've now made it in years to the massive target of 30,
so I got a lot to say but promise it won't get dirty
Our wedding day was way back in March of '78,
we had a long engagement but it was well worth the wait
My bride Gina was most radiant and looked very beau-ti-ful,
but I was obliged to dress in morning suit and felt just a little fool
The reception was great and took up all of a big hall,
there was a not quite a groovy band, but we all had a grand ball
There were many family and friends from near and quite far,
and my mates they then made a mess of my little Beetle car
The next day we went for our honeymoon on the island of Malta,
our hotel was most comfortable and we could even drink the water

So we wish for much more happiness and many another good year,

and that our two sons Marc and James will one day have similar to cheer





       Thanks very much to all our family & friends for their most kind presents and good wishes, on our Pearl Anniversary celebrations back in 2008 !     



March 2018 saw the 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary of Gina and Jonathan 


So, we 've now made it in years to the massive target of 40,

I had a lot to say but promised it won't get naughty

Again we wish for much more happiness and many another good year,

and that our two sons Marc and James will one day have nachus to cheer


       James had his 35th birthday, in June '17       


Marc was 37 in August 2017


November - Gina's birthday

Written by Jonathan back on the occasion of her 50th birthday :-

Here's to my wife Gina who's still agile & nifty,
Which is not too bad for someone who's just reached 50
So keep moving it on in both the home & shop,
For to me you are still number one top of the lot
The garden you keep is a place of great beauty,
Whilst the customers all know you as being really groovy
You might still give out a little shout & some screams,
But looking at you you're still the woman of my dreams
Between us both we've reached our first ton,
And I'm sure the next 50 will bring loads of fun
From Chiswick to Kenton you've made quite an impression,
To the people you've met you've been rather a sensation
On this very special birthday receive our good cheers,
As we celebrate with you your 50 marvellous years!

Simon's 50th birthday party - April 2012

Three cheers and a big congratulations to all the Davis family !


Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!


A tribute to all the "gookie" throwers in the family


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