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Who makes up the U.K. branch of the Davis family ?

We obviously represent only a very small number of people carrying on the DAVIS family surname. However, family trees have to start somewhere ! (Click on The Members above to find out more) So, please stop by again, and thank you for your interest !


Joseph & Frances Solomons (my grandparents on their wedding day-just after his honourable discharge from the army in 1918, following the end of the Great War)

My Great Grandfather David Davis and his only son, my Great Uncle Michael (Mick) (taken around the early 1920's)

My Great Grandmother Rachel Davis ( at Westcliff-on-Sea, in September 1928)

This appears to be the eldest photo in the family collection, which we have only recently found out to be the Grandmother (Freda Levene) of my Uncle Lou


          Marian (left - as young child) with friend  -  circa early 1930's


                    Marian  -  circa 1945  


              Great Uncle Mick Davis and Albert - circa mid 1930's

Albert, Rodney & Sarah (Sadie) Bluestone and Mick Davis (late 1940's)


     Marian and Albert - circa 1949, and just engaged


          Marian and Albert on their wedding day - 17th June 1951


             Marian & Albert on their honeymoon (Nice, France)


   Simon and Yetta Kauffmann (Marian's parents) - circa early/mid 1950's


Our (Great) Grandmother Frances, with Albert and Marian Davis (circa 1975)


     Marian and Jonathan Davis (circa 1956)


Jonathan (circa 1957-8)


    Jonathan - 8 years later in 1966


   Jonathan and Simon - circa 1963


Simon (as a Page boy at our cousin Susan's wedding - September 1966)


The Davis family (Marian, Jonathan, Simon and Albert) - 2nd March 1968

Gina and her Grandmother Kate enjoying the sunshine in her back garden - circa 1960


       Gina still enjoying the sunshine, Shell Island, Dorset July 1973

and then by the racetrack at Beaulieu, New Forest.

Gina (and friend) in Cornwall, summer 1974

Gina and Jonathan at a family party 1976


Our Wedding Day - 12th March 1978 - Gina & Jonathan, flanked by Marian & Albert

Memoriam: Just over a year after this photograph was taken, my mother Marian was most unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. Despite immediate medical attention, and an incredibly brave and courageous fight back by herself, she passed away on the 13th January 1980. To the very end, and as with the way that we shall always most fondly remember her for the devoted way that she cared for her family throughout her tragically too short life, all she ever thought about was the well being of her family. Her husband Albert, and two sons Jonathan and Simon, always came first. She was a truly most remarkable woman of courage.


               Gina with her parents Audrey and Charles Clifford


                  Gina - looking every bit the beautiful bride !


Wedding Day - (changed to evening wear) - Gina, Jonathan - and brother Simon


     Gina with her sister Sharon, holding a very young Marc - circa 1981

Gina with Uncle Dave Bluestone & Marc - circa 1981


           Marc & James (at home in Elstree, winter 1985/86)


                          Marc & James (school photo 1987)


Marc and James - on a boat ride in "sunny Bournemouth" -  August 1988


  Marc and James - in a much sunnier Caesarea, Israel - December 1989


         Gina, Marc & James (clowning around in Herzliya, Israel 1990)


Marc at school in Israel - whilst I was working in Haifa - "Gulf War" Jan 1991 


My brother Simon, with Marc & James (after our return to the UK - December 1992)


                                Davis family  -  circa 1994


                    Gina, Marc and James  -  July 1995


                James, Gina and Marc - Cambridge, August 1999


Please note: All the most recent photographs are displayed under "Family Photos"

Immediate associated family names (parents, grandparents or by marriage) to the Davis' in the U.K. are  - in alphabetical order:

Abramovici, Bronstein, Clifford, Gumbiner, Jacobs, Kaufman, Malinovsky, Markovitch, Nemorovsky, Opalinsky, Schwartz, Solomons and Yablonsky

Associated other secondary family names (cousins or by marriage) to the Davis' in the U.K. are  - in alphabetical order:

Avidar, Bluestone, Byfield-Riches, Cohen, Conn, Franks, Goldman, Lee, Mendes, Nizry, Peretz, Segal, Shaw, Shoben, and Simons

Associated other related family names (cousins or by marriage) to the Davis' in the U.K. are - in alphabetical order:

Agar, Hoare, Wagman

This part of our Davis family website is dedicated to the memory of my late father, Albert Solomons Davis, who volunteered to fight for his country during W.W.2, and served in a R.A.F. "Fighter Command" Hurricane squadron, until being invalided out by debilitating injuries received in the line of duty, and awarded an honourable discharge. He never made a full recovery, and was later to suffer from chronic heart disease, and having to endure not just open-heart surgery, but also the tragic loss of his wife and our mother Marian from cancer.  Despite all of these terrible hardships, he was at all times a most wonderful husband & father. Following a second, but alas unsuccessful further heart operation, he sadly passed away on the 2nd July 1985.


         Albert Davis (at a RAF training camp, Blackpool, circa 1940) 


Albert Davis - qualified and stationed at No. 61 O.T.U. Royal Air Force (circa 1941)


                 From top right:- Hurricane and Spitfire in flight

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