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The Davis family scrapbook - a photographic journey through history and time .............

                                            My great grandparents, David and Rachel Davis                                                                    


               Betty (Simons) (aged 12), Rachel, Sarah (Sadie Bluestone) & Michael (Mick) Davis

            Top left: My grandmother Frances Davis (eve of her 100th birthday) and sister Sadie    

             Top right: My Mother Marian Davis, seated with Aunts Sadie & Betty, & Uncle Dave



                         My parents, Albert and Marian Davis on their wedding day June 1951

                                    (joined by Aunts Betty & Sadie, plus Grandma Frances)

                L 2 R: Great Uncle Dave, & Sadie Bluestone with son Rodney; Lou & Betty Lee with son David;

                Next: Grandma Frances; Dad (Albert) and Mum (Marian); Great Uncle Mick & Aunt Joyce Davis


    Great Uncle Mick Davis with Rose                        with Great Aunt Sadie Bluestone                                         with Rodney Bluestone




Great Aunt Betty & Uncle Phil, with my cousins Moya and Ray (1943, Australia)



                     Great Aunt Betty with son Ray (1937)                           Cousins Moya Simons and David Lee                                      Moya & Bruce the dog (David's)


   Great Uncle Dave & Grandma Simons plus Great Aunt Betty & Uncle Phil (also centre photo)   Jules and Moya  (who kindly sent me all these photos - thank you !)

               Great Uncle Mick Davis (1943)               Aunt Betty & Uncle Lou (circa 1950's)


    Grandma Frances + David & Aunt Betty Lee                                           Rodney Bluestone (studying medicine, 1956)


            Great Aunt Sadie & Grandma Frances & Aunt Betty                Uncle Mick Davis & Aunt Joyce (far right) + Aunt Sadie + Irene

Above left: The latest generation (Australia) - Sappho, the daughter of Loni (Illona)

                                           Above right: Four generations - Illona (Loni) + her mother, Great Aunt Betty + Danit (Loni's daughter) + Sappho (Donit's daughter)

         More family photos to follow ...........


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