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The Marian Kaufman family scrapbook - a photographic journey through history and time .............


     My great grandparents, Rebecca and Michael Kaufman + Maurice, Simon  &  Brana  

    (Michael's cousin) Rav Joseph David Kaufman & wife               (Michael's brother) Israel Kaufman & wife Polly


 My grandmother Yetta Kaufman and my mother Marian    

Marian in school uniform 


From left: Grandmother Yetta Kaufman, aunt Babs with uncle Arnold (mum's brother) and Marian

Marian growing up

Rear left: Philip Shaw, Marian, Alfred Goldman & Arnold (brother)

Middle row: sisters Rose Shaw & Gertie Goldman, Babs Kaufman (sister-in-law);

Front row: parents Yetta & Simon Kaufman + Melvyn (nephew)


   Monty Kaufman (brother), Janet (niece), Marian & Albert                      Marian, Susan (niece) & Albert

Marian & Albert on their wedding day !


         More family photos to follow ...........


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