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Family photos - the later generations

The Davis family U.K. - group photograph - Marc's 22nd birthday 2002


The Davis family U.K. - group photograph - James' 21st birthday 2003

Marc and James at Henley, on James's 21st birthday

Gina and the boys at Henley, on James 21st birthday


Gina Davis - wife and mother   (on the River Gambia, June 2002)


Gina and Jonathan - on their 25th "Silver Wedding anniversary" cruise (March '03)


Gina and Jonathan dressed up for a "formal night" on their follow-up cruise (Aug. '03)


Gina and Jonathan dressed up again for another cruise "formal night" - April '04


Gina & Jonathan dressed for a "gala night" on their East Med. cruise - Sept.'05

Gina & Jonathan - Panama rain forest (April 2006)

Gina & Jonathan - party night (September 2007)

Gina & Jonathan on the 30th Wedding (Pearl) Anniversary cruise  -March '08

30th Wedding (Pearl) Anniversary family party - March '08


Gina & Jonathan - Savill Garden, Windsor (June 2010)


James and Marc - Henley-on-Thames (August 2010)

Gina & Jonathan - Tower of London (August 2011)

Aunt Gertie Goldman (now 98, at wedding August 2011)

Group photo with (part) Kauffmann family (September 2011)

Marc and James (December 2011)

Marc, Jonathan, Gina & James (December 2011)

Jonathan, Marc, Gina & James (July 2012)

Marc & James (December 2013)

Marc's shop - "Jamming With Edward" - opened in May 2004


Simon and Karen at son Alex's 3rd birthday party, October 2003


Simon and eldest son, Scott, at his brother's birthday party


Birthday boy Alex, with Mum, Karen


Simon, Karen, Scott & Alex - 2 birthdays later in October 2005


Alex - just before his 6th birthday in September 2006


Simon & brother Scott helping to cut up his birthday cake

Simon, Scott and Alex (August 2007)

Simon, Scott and Alex (September 2010)

My brother Simon and I (December 2011)

Simon's 50th birthday party (April 2012)


Jonathan rubbing shoulders with the greatest ever footballing legend, Jimmy Greaves,  (Tottenham Hotspur & England), at his book signing in Harrow, 29th October 2003.


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