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Panama Canal

Our cruise started at the Port of Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

View from the cabin of our ship - "Brilliance of the Seas"


First port of call, Malfini Beach, on the island of Labadee, Haiti


Next stop Oranjestad, Aruba (Dutch Antilles)



Walking around a rocky outcrop at Casibari, Aruba


Natural "bridge" carved by the sea, northern coast of Aruba



Onboard a catamaran for a sunset cruise off Oranjestad, keeping a look out for pirates !


Then on to Willemstad, Curacao (Dutch Antilles)


The Queen Julianna Bridge, spanning the harbour at Willemstad


View from our balcony, overlooking the nearby countryside



Inside the Caves of Hato, Curacao (full of stalactites, stalagmites and bats !)


Venezuelan pink flamingos feeding in a Curacaon lake

Arriving at last at the Panama Canal (locks leading up to Gatun Lake)


We also went for a boat ride down the Chagres River, Panama


Saw some of the local life - a two toed Sloth hanging from his tree


Spied this reptile known locally as the "Jesus Christ" lizard, as it can "walk on water" 


A walk in the rain forest, observing a nearby group of "howler" monkeys

Local transport - Panama style


   Final stop Puerto Limon, Costa Rica



Included another river boat trip - note the young boy with his "pet" Cayman !



Last stop in Costa Rica - a banana plantation & packing factory


      Last "formal" night of the cruise

Dining room - "Brilliance of the Seas"

Thank you for enjoying with us a very brief look at our fond memories !

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