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The World Wide Davis Family 


This page is set aside for photographs from the Davis family members living in the four quarters of the planet. Thank you for your interest!


 The Simons family, living around Sydney, Australia.

        Great Aunt Betty


Great Aunts Betty and Sarah (Sadie)


Big farewell at airport to our Aussie relations following visit here

Ray's son, Danny and Carolina (wedding)

Cousin Ray, with Great Grandma, Sadie, Betty & Lou


Moya's eldest daughter, Tamie


Great Aunt Betty (sadly now passed away June 2005) at her last birthday

She is joined by her eldest daughter Moya, and son-in-law Jules


Moya's youngest daughter, Suzy

Below, UK meets Australian & US branches of the family !

Rodney, Adam, Grandma Davis, Aunts Betty (Simons), Sadie & Simon Bluestone

Front & centre - Jonathan & Simon Davis

Simon (D), Aunts Sadie & Jean + Adam (B); Aunt Betty (S); Uncle Dave + Simon (B) & Jonathan

Uncle Mick (D), Aunts Betty (S), Sadie (B), Joyce and Grandma Davis


  The Bluestone family, living around Los Angeles, U.S.A.


 Cousin Dr Rodney Bluestone, wife Elizabeth, daughters Kate & Courtney

   Kate & Courtney Bluestone



   Elizabeth & Rodney Bluestone




   Bluestone family grandkids: Zachary and David (from Adam); Samantha and Oliver (from Stefanie); Audrey and Anna (from Simon);



The Davis Family UK  



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