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The Davis family Israel scrapbook - a photographic record of our time there between 1989 and 1992...........

   Marc, Jonathan, Gina and James - at the Western Wall             Jonathan & Gina - outside the Knesset (Jerusalem)

                           - taking some time-out from my work with a shipping agency in the Port of Haifa, Israel


 James & Marc (going to school 1988, still in England)            James & Marc after we had returned to England (1992)





              Karmiel (our home for 3 years), a small town situated in the foothills of southern Galilee, northern Israel 

                                       A visit to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai

                                             Kibbutz Dan, northern Israel just before the Golan Heights


    Gina, Marc & James (winter 1991/92)                                        outside their school                          Gina & James - playing at the park (summer)


               Memorial and sculpture, Yad Vasham museum, Jerusalem


Jonathan & Gina (Golan heights- Mount Harmon in distance)      With the fantastic Gorenstein family; Ruthy, Eli & kids


            Back to England (Aug. '92), and reunited once more with Grandma Frances (by now in her late 90's)


















         Fast forward to Tel-Aviv, June 2011 - Gina & Jonathan with Ruthy & Eli Gorenstein


















                                                                   Gina & Jonathan in Jaffa - June 2011

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